From the Airport.

I write this from the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, Guwahati.

I recognise the call of the new month – the last month of this year. I sit at a distance from other movements in the airport of this city, which is called Guwahati now. Voices rise and fall even as I write.

I reached the airport before six-thirty from Jengraimukh, Majuli. After attending to my needs, I sit either reading or watching the world go past. I had a cup of black coffee – a morning ritual that I have grown to follow readily. The ritual itself – the making of the coffee is a spiritual experience. I have healed myself watching the bubbling water, even as the brew would form together. On days, when I could achieve the balance between the sugar and the coffee, I feel well rested.

The machine makes my coffee today. The woman at the counter adds two cubes of sugar at my request. The small cup is covered with creamy froth and I get tricked into non-believing. I stir the foam away to see the beautiful black liquid. There is some happiness in this sight – at least for the searcher.

Early this morning, I read of uncertainty. One can be hopeful in this world because there is such uncertainty in this world. Even within the darkest of circumstances, there rests a hint of hope, and thus is the beauty of the world which passes by.

Men and women walk past. Some have eyes fixed on their searches  – a counter, a display board, even a seat. There is attention dedicated to such mundane search. An interracial couple sit just ahead of me. They try to snap a picture of themselves, wanting to frame this moment in their lives and to carry it with them. I am afraid I fall within their frame again and again. They adjust themselves and I pray that they succeed.

In a few hours, I will reach Delhi – another world altogether. I wonder what that city has become in the last four months. Questions rise within to supplement answers which I have no interest in. There is but one answer which lifts itself up above all else.

Author & artist, Tove Jansson’s quote – “All things are so very uncertain, and that’s exactly what makes me feel reassured.” 


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