I Am Only Human.

I am only human,
I was created by an intelligence unrecorded,
I am greedy,
I destroy in the pursuit of creation.

I challenge the without,
The hills, the rivers, the mines, the plains,
I never challenge the within,
I rest in the safety of the ego.

I am insane,
I want the unimagined to be true.
I create gods and foes.
I create systems and rules.

I destroy humans,
I destroy everything outside,
I never destroy the within,
The ego.

I perceive what I want to feel,
I record what I want to remember,
I remember enemies more,
I carry the angst further.

I favour the whites,
I favour the wealth and more,
I love the straights,
I love the shows.

I never step out of the limit,
I never step inside,
I am only human,
I am only the ego.


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