The Last Shower.

5: 05: 46 pm

The solitary shower stood in silence, waiting. The row of neatly arranged toiletries waited in another corner. A wet bottle of shampoo, the foamy soap, and the bath scrub. The innocuous water bustled within the bathtub making a silent music, a music that was uncommonly pleasant to hear.


One tiny bubble. POP.

Another tiny bubble. POP.

Somewhere in the background, a faint music arose and died. Arose and died again.

5: 27: 09 pm

The shower heard blunt knocks on its door. For half a minute. And then again. Thud! Thud! Thud!

A listless arm covered in foam lay next to the tub.

The blood eventually mingling with the overflowing water and then into the drain.

5: 29: 24 pm

Outside the window, loud sirens came to a halt.

This fictional piece from August 20,2010 was written for a prompt : Write a first person piece about describing a shower or eating a dinner- without a PERSONAL PRONOUN.


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