The world’s attempt to make you feel stupid is a relentless effort. Not only does it speak to you in an abrasive language, it also tries no often in vain to shrink the individual truth that you are. It has held this capacity for long for the world’s notions are built on the egos of those who have rested in power. Their powers have corrupted them, leading them to forgetfulness of their own suffering. They move in the world as holding great influence but are fearful in their hearts unknowingly.

So who should be pitied? The sufferer or the one causing the suffering? The one causing the suffering has little claims in the heavens for only the meek are allowed the pass to reach the abode of the gods. For everyone else, there will be continued suffering. The material realities may prevent the bespoken for a while, they may swim in the infertile womb of their minds and believe that they are free. Freedom comes to those whose attempt is not of freedom but of removing all bondages that have held them thus far to their natural state – the state of freedom, of liberty.

I must resist from delving further into the stupidity that I have talked of. It is not of my calibre to breed the hatred that the world’s bestows upon one, it is not certainly my calibre to shun away the evils that have been captured well already by saints and sinners alike. I am a being of humble origins, not much in material and not much in flesh either. I could cry till the last words leave my body and yet not the nearest vulture would pardon my suffering. I am worthless that way to the human race. I am stupid by that standard.


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