528 Hz.

It is the frequency of the love that emanates from the depths of presence. When consciousness would have performed the act of separating itself from itself and become a form.

When one mutes the noises of the world, tuning into the undercurrent of stillness, that frequency resonates with the frequency of love. As the eagle glides before it lifts its wings to cross an aerial distance, as the mature leaf leaves the roost to move through the distance between the tree and the ground, they all move in a religious harmony which is love.

Humans walk, when they walk in resting peace, when they answer only to the body’s intelligence, in a walk of love.

Vehicles move, when they move not with the egoic mind, in the movement of love.

Love is acceptance, a deep surrender of the human to the being.

All movements develop synchronicity when they move in love. Hence, love is a window but it is also the door to revealing one’s capacity to bring wholeness to disintegrated parts.

What would we be had we forgotten love as we have forgotten ourselves?

And so, the universe affectionately hid clues of gradual revelations, clues that can only be seen when the mind has settled into its native state. A state where the perceived and the perceiver become perceived by a grander, depthless energy.

You see, the embryo doesn’t think. It doesn’t hold its growth according to its perceived capacity to grow. It attempts to bring itself through harmony with its surroundings, taking each element as it comes. When life agrees for its formation, it dies before it grows into the next. Death then is love, a transcending act that allows the miraculous jump into the next dimension.

Love and death are one.


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