The blades of grass raise their pinnacles embracing in a sweet recourse the rays from the sun. Not that the winds mind this daring, they only move along to perpetrate the union of this wanton love. The passersby unconscious in their daily routines walk past and miss the eternity of the moment. Caught in their streams of mindful thoughts, ceaseless, they move in the world floating in their pains and suffering,

Gradually the sun rises to the zenith falling light upon all creatures, great and small, indiscreetly. Who would want to know why the sun does what it does? Who would care to learn why the grass covers the entirety of the earth and holds the soil beneath in an embrace? Does the sun care to be learned of its presence? Does the grass care to be seen in the light of a saviour?


Only the morose soul would want to decipher what is meant to be left undecipherable. Nor should we attempt to hold the lessons of the academic kind in their minds for too long. Nor will these lessons hold any answer to the immediate, the happening, and the presence of the present moment. Humans have attempted to explain God, explain nature, call it a Father, call that a Mother. Only the Father and the Mother care little to be deciphered as a codex but only want to be experienced as oneself.

So, the mind has a purpose not beyond which rests the eternal reality of the realms that we have only read in books and watched in shoddy films. These realms must hold more than what our humble minds could attempt to understand. God might exist in these realms. But, when we go there, we might end up finding nothing.



The blade of grass comes from that. The sun comes from that. They come from the depths of that nothingness, the unspeakable, the provoking of the finite dimensions of the human mind. Only that which can be spoken has always been spoken about. That which is beyond words will only attempt converting words into an opening to which they can point towards.

Let us be an apprentice to the blade of grass. And an apprentice to the sun and its rays, its ability to map the solar system and touch them with an embrace that comes before the first words were formed.


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