I developed an interest in science from an early age. The first of the science lessons that my memory allots me towards is the difference between living things and non-living things. The first chapter in my first grade science book carried graphic images – altered to make sense to a child of that age – of plants and animals, including human beings. If gender stereotypes preceded memory, then the picture of the human was that of a man or a boy.

Living things grow.

Living things have movement like plants.

Living things breathe.

Living things are everything non-living things are not.

Etched deeply into the crevices of the gray matter of my brain, these images and differences stayed for a very long time. They have also helped me score better grades, better ranks, and a promotion to the next class.

The application of science in my life only increased as I continued to dedicate a considerable time to subjects of science. Biology remained and remains my favourite of all the core sciences. Chemistry didn’t bother me much. Of course, I didn’t score as high as my peers but I was not particularly bothered by the organic and inorganic chemistry. I learned about them, those meticulous reactions, the structures, atomic capacities, etc without allowing myself stress of their seemingly diffidence-inducing abilities. The subject that proclaims to have cracked the codes of the universe – physics – however caused panic attacks of a hidden kind. To the outer world, it was a subject which could un-complicate the complicated, the mysteries of the universe, putting it all down into a mathematical equation on the board. It hardly did that.

Today, circumstances have changed. I have moved from the core sciences to the social sciences, which offer a slightly different stress initiation. Here the egos operate in a mechanism not unlike the other sciences. The attempt to have control over the larger dimensions of the self and the confidence that all things can be explained by the human intellect is a sad reality.

Yes, science is enthralling – observing the mystical to the deepest levels, to come towards a conclusion. Lately, though a growing conviction offers solace that logic alone holds no resolute truth. Unlike the universe which works in the ways that are beyond the mathematical equations, the human intellect is limited in the dimensions of the human brain. So, the majesty of the sun, becomes the falsity of a sunrise and a sunset – a ball of gases hanging in the centre of the solar system for a million years. We should thank someone that the sun is not a ball of coal. But, who? God?

Comparisons. Dissections. Forgetfulness.

Wonder remains in the eyes of the claus and has left our eyes. The nomenclature of the living and the non-living slightly shifts our inner abilities to offer compassion to a certain group, a sub-group, and another. But, what is a non-living thing? The five elements move in each of the creations as one – the living and the so-called non-living. What water doesn’t cool is heated by fire to become. Where soil doesn’t move, the air passes through. We wish to become more through science. But, to become more, we must first become less than.

The universe, the dimensionless reality, creates for the joy that rests in creation. The universe does not know mathematics. Nor does it know chemistry. Its creations are in themselves undefined, beyond space and time. Timeless. It doesn’t withhold its creations for the right moment of glory nor does it create with reason. Each exists because it does.

In that manner, the universe is simple, un-complicated, even without science.

Just as we could be.


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