Holistic Healing.

I woke up with a painful sore throat and a throbbing earache. I had an inkling that this will befall, if only in a matter of days.

I grew up with swollen adenoids – the quick response to any seasonal flu or cold by my physicians. I think I never allowed this medical condition to predominate my childhood which revelled in cold drinks (Gold Spot!), ice creams, ice lollies, and lots of cold water from the new refrigerator that my parents had purchased then. My parents, however, did consider the diagnosis for a while, taking me along for second references. They precisely dropped the fuss around my adenoids when one of these references asked them to consider surgical removal of my adenoids. I think, I am grateful, they didn’t take that decision for whatever reasons. I like to believe that they didn’t want their five-year-old lying unconscious on the operating table surrounded by a surgeon who may or may not have the best interest of their child in his/her mind. I also know that at that time, my parents would not have been able to scout for the kind of money, the surgery would have needed. For all things work out well in the end, my parents’ lack of wealth provided me with a decent childhood and not a surgical scar on my body. So, I am grateful.

Because, past an age, I never related my swollen adenoids as the cause of the common colds or flu or fever, which visited me as frequently as they would visit a child. So, my adenoids hung in there, while I never developed an egoic explanation around them for my frailty to the seasonal changes.

But, waking up to the sore throat and the earache, I decided to have a look at my adenoids in the bright light of this May morning. And, there they were, swollen as ever, appearing red and infected. So, it was only apparent that my mind brought out all the memories from its back alley, wanting me to wallow in them. I lied down for a while, even feeling bad about the timing of this. I am on the move from tomorrow for a training program where I have address a crowd of 20, motivating them to see how they can change their lives through undertaking a social business. But, how do I motivate them if my voice refuses to leave the threshold of my swollen adenoids?

So, home remedies it was! Not lozenges nor a visit to the general physician who would write off a prescription with antibiotics. Swearing away from allopathy, I decided to try something that may indeed work and bring peace to the natural struggle happening inside my body. A dab of mustard oil to the back of the painful ear. Hot water with a dash of lemon juice, honey and ginger to drink. Oh! the sweet strong ginger covering the pain that rested in my throat!

And, yes, the pain has subsided. I can still feel the discomfort but the magic has begun. I don’t have to blame the adenoids, I don’t have to blame the weather, I don’t have to wallow. I can rest in the cures that are holistic, which do not cause harm to the natural defenses, and which adhere to the principles of wholesome and inner peace. I feel confident that by tomorrow, I should feel better, so much so that I am thinking of carrying the honey, the ginger, the lemon along with me to the trip (not joking!).

Maybe we need such healing – healing where the presumption is that the body can heal itself best and that we only need allow it to take its course, a healing where human ego does not deride the universal intelligence.


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