On New Order.

Lying on a mattress, which had sucked in the June heat, we were talking about how life has changed around us. I had twenty-eight years of plain sight memories, perceptions and maladies rising up to the evening even as the vapours of the earth rose to concede to the heat.

We did agree that the world around us has changed so far as that recognising it amongst the present intricacies was a falsity. It was the unfamiliarity that bothered us, scared us into conniving mandarins, wanting to remain stuck to the shrub that we grew upon for as long as we could. We could not understand the desires of the monks and the ordinaries to taste us, to want us to be transported into realms and regions so far from the origin. As though the parts of our bodies which bore the genetic disposition had been wired into a particular form already known to us, we refused to let any new information sift through us.

Everything has changed indeed. Merely, the reasons that beckoned us to adapt to this new wisdom or the call of the worlds didn’t appease us. Why, we asked? The unforeseen predicament that has opened itself up to engulf the remains of the human race, its wisdom, its lessons, its foolishness, is overwhelming. Just when you chose to believe that the older generations made wiser decision, you find glaring anecdotes where wisdom preluded them as well.

So cynicism breeds and births itself in the wombs of a new sterile human race. Profound to its understanding and precocious in ways not required, this race moves in the direction of its own annihilation. And, I watch in peace, as this motion keeps pressing its righteousness.

All structures built will disappear one day and with them the crude belief in stability. I lay this curse. For what has been taken away should be taken away again.


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