Waking with the Sun.

I set the alarm clock to the early hours of the following day. Inside, I had a conviction that I would rise following the sun. I wake up an hour late.

But, as I compose this piece, there is a clear mind where it is etched that rising early in the morning would soon become part of my master plan. I have, over the years, heard stories of early risers, the day dreamers, and the ones who have accomplished greater things by virtue of having been morning people.

I have also seen myself denigrate into a void capsule of time, a snickering feat of human lethargy and morose boredom, as each day I would wake later and later into the day. Clearly, something/someone had to change and if luck ever permits, it would be me.

I have learned about the abundance of the morning hours when I was living in Majuli. This river island woke with the sun and went off into slumber along with the sun. One could watch tiny lights from phones rising and falling as bubbles in water as Majuli itself would not have any street lights. As the sun would begin to set, chores would gradually cease, and filled stomachs would wait for the eventuality of sleep to appear. It would not come as a surprise that people in the island would sleep before nine in the evening then and wake up close to the dawn breaking.

And, submitted to such a place, I had naturally undergone some changes, which acted well in my favour. I would wake up in the morning as the dawn would break and walk towards my bed in the evening by seven. Sleep would trickle down as would the rain water. There are no questions around their fidelity. They would appear each as a result of multiple activities going together and would follow laws which are usually invisible to the human eye.

But, because the city with its unnatural lights extends the length of the day, we have little choice but to pretend that we cannot work any longer. Our days extend into the midnight, sometimes even longer than that. And, we proud ourselves to the fact that we are capable of “using resources” burning the midnight oil, quite literally.

Somehow though, this doesn’t convince me anymore. The sluggish mornings and the uneasy nights cause too much depression inside me. So, I am making this vow to myself – to rise in the early hours – not only as a promise but also as a reminder that we can always go back to being normal. That we don’t have to be as insane as we usually are.

Our lives in the city are enriched with interventions of the human kind. They permit us to enlarge ourselves and visually take in the delights it has to offer. What we have ended up with is a deference to the cosmic, of the universe. Maybe, it is needed for us to shrink ourselves, to sleep a little longer and rise a little earlier and see what it has to offer.


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