The innate nature of humanity, through the mind that it has developed over the evolutionary spin of magic, has been to delve into questions. Perhaps, it is a manner of inspecting the extraordinary hidden within the sluggish ordinary. Or perhaps, it has no purpose but to send a query into the nether as a ritual of release.

It is my suggestion that you find answers to why you have questioned what you could have written in another format. And, whatever you find, retain that as the voice in this piece.

The relationship between a child and its father needs documenting for without such a document, one could never perhaps learn how the nectar of life reincarnates through one form to become another – separate and half but complete in itself. Does life repent that it could not provide the new life with all mannerisms and quirks that it had so cherished in the old?

If you answer to the question above as no, then I suggest there is hope in the forward direction and perhaps that hope needs to be witnessed here.

Graph papers – what an incredible choice of words brought together. Each subject is as purposeful when alone as it is when it is brought together to serve as one.

The traverse that you have attempted over the years with your father has been brought together as the graph and the paper.

My father and I are not very close anyway. We haven’t had a real, deep conversation in over a year. It is my suggestion that you write about your father as he is. And, do not be hurried in dismissing your experiences with him.

PS: Please discard any suggestion that you think is unnecessary.



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