Fold of Love, A Letter.

I learned about Sisters Day in a snapshot posted by The Hindu on Twitter. Having had fallen on Friendship Day, I think it has been swatted and pushed under the more prominent caricature of friends. We all have friends, some more than others and some like me, who have caught few in her scandalous circles whom she cherishes.

But, I have been a believer of sisters for a long time. Some of us have sisters through birth or through radical marriages. Some find sisters along the way. Some say, Shakespeare had a sister. Virginia Woolf did have one and the legend remains about the Bronte sisters. I have also read that the Dalai Lama had a sister (much less known though).

A little less visible knowledge, amidst the rivalries of childhood and the growing agony of the teens and twenties, is that there will be a point in time, when sisters fall together within the same time warp. It is then that all differences disappear to promote silently the obvious similarities – the joys shared and the pains brutal, the past ills and the promises of future. Now, here we have a decision.

We can decide to hold hands in the time warp and internally align ourselves to speak the truth for each other, when needed. Or we can billow behind the differences and forget that power always remains in the love of a heart.

Having been fortunate to have a sister by blood – a signed, sealed & delivered kind – I choose the former. I choose to hold hands with you all in this time warp – this most dangerous of our living years, where love is challenged every passing second and where our self (the truer one) is asked to be put behind – and walk with you. All of you.

I want all of us to meet, to sit together in a circle, eat food that is prepared without the worries of it being judged, talk about our lives in the safe comfort of our oneness. And, perhaps even push us towards better and just be when the time is not right for words.

Feeling this burning hope, I invite you on this day, to come together, if you would like to, to become part of this small fold of love.

Looking forward.


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