Science & Poetry.

When I was in the first grade, I read about living things in my science class. The chapter helped us differentiate between living and non-living things. Plants, animals, and humans were classified as living whereas rocks, mountains, and furniture were classified as non-living. To the student, it was a revelation. I had learned the qualities that determined a living being – breathing, eating, moving, and growing. It did not inspire apathy to the non-living but a tenor of superiority of the living.

As I devotedly moved into the senior grades, science continued to fascinate me, especially biology and the universe. It offered a gratifying experience of complexity, intelligence, and of the natural. However, having had a religious influence from childhood, the hand of God in each of the creation, continued to coexist with the understanding of science. I did not openly debate the existence of God but within the quarters of my mind, I started moving away from it. Science easily took over this growing gap.

It was not until much later when I discovered spirituality that I regained control of my mind. Until then, each of the existential realities had been broken down into fragments so that my mind could understand them. I learned of my inability to comprehend the wholeness in things – the universe, the flower, even the human. This limiting experience was no longer helping me as it constantly collided with the arrogance of science.

To the foolish man, science is the way, the end. That only through the unmanifested, manifestation appears makes no sense to him. That the universe created the human mind, its intelligence, and its neural pathways is not anti-science. Man, through science, only discovered it and then named it.

This new knowledge, or should I say, lack of knowledge, was profound to be explained through science. And, it was through this phase, that I started to even believe in the purpose of human beings. We, the humans, are only mere channels.

I have not forgotten the lessons I have learned from science. I have only begun questioning whether science is the only way to learn of the reality. It is not to be doubted that science has created weapons that could annihilate humanity and everything else with it. It is not to be doubted that science has given man the foolish belief that he alone stands at the top of the pyramid; that he was given the permission to rule. And, that science has also brought limiting beliefs to contesting theories, cannot be unseen (race, sex and caste). But, perhaps, just as everything else, this stage is also a stage in transition. Where one reaps the best and the worst of their creation to learn of the fundamentals.

I would be happy to say that science can teach you much but so can the unadulterated eye that looks at the stars in the night sky. Poetry and science can come from beyond the human mind – a place where limitations are overcome and besought to embrace wholeness. From that place – which is available to all, but chosen by only a few – creation, invention, and discovery serve all. They may take the form of a scientific theory or a poem. They are all but, the finger that points to the moon.


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