Some of the common things that appear as the rules of living life are against life. It is the growing condition of the common [wo]man that rules expended as laconic truths have to be followed to the stricter order. This is certain that all things will end by the very virtue as they carry – that of annihilation. There are already such calamitous events that have become the norm of the society and without the tendency to withdraw and look at the inner truths, we wobble through life laying importance on events less valuable. To speak your words, you must be permitted or constructively critiqued. When you cannot speak, you are pitied or entered into therapy. When you do speak, you are hushed. The writer of the about will be judged as much as the one who has been written. So too is judged the Creator along with the creations. No one is satisfied with what is – tathagata. We want, need, crave, desire, must have, dream, wish, believe and pine. Never ending is this stream of so-called conscious living that is endorsed with supplements to a better life, always as if the current one bestowed is permanently settled with imperfections and falsities that need to be turned into something meaningful. Why must the individual wither into nothingness where everything around her is presumed with messages to the contrary? Why must not we sue, question, and bemoan the strategic placements of advertisements and living styles that do not match anyone? Even the one who quits the society must quit as the society prefers. Not all can become entrepreneurs but not all shall become entrepreneurs. Such is the state where each group has prescribed customs and formalities to meet before accepting anyone and we cry the acceptance of the self. The pathology – the non-acceptance of the self – is as much a social issue as it is a personal one.  The road of the Dharma, the road of love, the road to the Paradise, is as communal as it is individual. No one can follow the Dharma only because the Buddha has spoken. One must know the Dharma herself. But, we meander here and there, always.


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